When you might need the services of an IT support company

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2If you own a company then at some point you might consider if an IT support company is going to help you or simply be a new cost. The truth is that there are actually many benefits that come from working with an IT support company. The following are just a few of the many times when you might find yourself in need of IT Support anywhere in the world down to IT Support Leeds.


The very first reason that you might want to consider looking into an IT support company is simply because they can help you with everyday problems. Many times they can even help you solve simple problems with computers on the network remotely allowing you to quickly get the aid you need without any undue stress or costs.

For example, if an employee’s computer starts to act erratic or someone accidentally downloads a virus the IT team can catch and remedy the problem before it becomes a real issue that impacts the productivity of work.

Regular Maintenance and monitoring

The second reason that an IT support company is a great option for any business is because an IT company worth its costs will be able to offer you regular  maintenance of all computer, network, and systems so that a lot of problems can be caught upfront. Instead of waiting for something to happen that will impact your business flow, with regular maintenance an IT team can identify if there are going to be problems in the future. At this point they can fix them saving your company money and time.

New system integration

If your company is eyeing a new system or network and are looking to integrate it into your current framework then you definitely will need to hire an IT team to make sure that the transition goes smoothly. Sometimes you might have to create proprietary software in order to integrate a system, and if it gets to this point you will want to make sure that you have an IT support team to guide you through it. System integration is never as easy as it sounds on paper.

In addition, the benefit to hiring an IT support team company to help with the integration is that many times they will also assist with the training. This will help ensure that your employees know how to use the new system properly before they leave helping to get things back to normal at the company. Plus, if there are any problems the IT support company will be on hand to further troubleshoot.


The last reason to consider hiring an IT support company is because they can also come in on a consultancy basis. This means that you can hire them to take a look your company and report back what could be changed for higher efficiency. You might be surprised at how small changes can change your overall productivity level, but until you consult with an IT service company you will never know.


What’s in a logo?

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3It is certainly intriguing how our mind works when it comes to remembering certain details and the visual aspect of this is undeniably huge. Businesses are always looking into how their target audience thinks in the hope of coming up with a marketing plan that will bring them the success they desire. The consumer will always be drawn to the products they know and can trust when they have a decision to make so you have to be aware of how you can make your brand stick in their mind. A logo is simply essential for any company and it is unheard of to find any major business that is ignorant to this fact.

The ideologies of your brand should be remembered at all times and it is so easy to make a mistake along the way that compromises these details. In terms of the logo you come up with, it should combine relative simplicity with a meaning to back it up. It is definitely not advisable to have a logo that bears little or no resemblance to the service or product the company is responsible for.

Colour is a crucial element in our lives and certainly when it comes to advertising and selling ideas. There can be a lot that lies beneath the colour you choose for something and this takes on more meaning with a logo. A logo sets your brand apart so you have to consider how the colour you choose in the design represents what you are trying to achieve.

The impression that your company leaves on people is just about as important as it gets when it comes to business. The first thing that they see will be your logo and if it is apparent that your brand has expended the time to come up with a design that has taken careful thought then it can make all the difference. Logo design and brand marketing should be approached with the attitude that only the best will do so it is wise to enlist the services of the likes of www.logodesign.co.uk when establishing the logo that will be the very face of your brand.

Modern telephony in a business environment

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2With all the modern technology at our fingertips and with more and more businesses establishing themselves a solid online presence, it is easy to forget the ways that things used to be done, and how often some of the tools we used to rely on still have a place in today’s digital age. Before the advent of computer and the Internet, the three main ways of doing business were face to face, by post or by telephone. Of the three, the latter is still an integral part of modern business but can be somewhat overlooked.

With VoIP, Skype and all the other ways of communicating over the net, many businesses are found lacking in the good old fashioned telephone area, and what they are failing to remember is that a lot of their customers have an old fashioned approach and would rather speak to somebody over the phone than try to log into an online method of communication. This is one of the first areas you should look at if your business isn’t faring as well as your competitors, as something so simple could make a huge difference.

It is not only the fact that you can be contacted by telephone that can make a difference, but the price of that call. If you’re phone number starts with 0845 then customers will immediately put off from contacting you as these are always charged at a higher rate. Even a local call can cost money, and with the technological advancements in communication available today, there is no reason why any company can not head online and in a few clicks have themselves an 0800 number in place.

This will encourage more people to pick up the phone and call your company, and the price you pay for this service fades in comparison with the kind of extra traffic you can expect. The more ways potential customers can get in touch with you the better, and having an 0800 that goes directly to your emails via fax is another viable method of generating business, and the fact that these numbers can also be directed to land lines and mobile phones are two more reasons to consider taking one of these numbers on board.

If you are thinking of upgrading or changing any of the current telephony system in your business check out the dbs-uk website and see the range of technology they have on offer. The website is bright, informative and extremely user friendly, with all the costs being fully transparent, so you know exactly what you will be paying before your bill lands through the door. You will be amazed at how much cheaper modern telephony now is, so you should catch up with the times and get a modern system employed.

The day of the telephone is not long gone as many businessmen think, it’s a cut throat world out there at the minute due to the economic climate, and hundreds of businesses every week are closing at the end of the day and not opening up again. You need to get yourself out there and create as many ways as possible for prospective customers to contact you, and the biggie is still the phone.

Find a better broadband deal

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Regardless of whether you use your existing broadband deal for business or home use, finding the best contract is at the forefront of many minds.

Broadband explained

Many of the leading broadband providers now boast packages tailored to certain individuals. These may be aimed at both small and large businesses or alternatively, the homeowner. Those that are thinking about investing in such a package should consider the following prior to doing so, 1. What makes these packages different from others? 2. Are they really worth the extra monthly charge?

What is business broadband?

Many modern businesses tend to rely on the Internet in order to function; it is therefore a necessity that the Internet provider you choose is a trustworthy one.

Assortments of Internet service providers now boast contracts that offer exclusive extras. Such extras claim to help your current business grow in a number of ways. These factors often consider communication, processes, security and priority.

A good business will not get far without great communication skills. Such skills will allow your offices to interact with others around the globe or alternatively, with both your clients and customers.

Broadband is therefore said to open numerous opportunities to the humble business. With a tailor made package, an individual website can in fact be set up as a promotional tool.

Good business broadband packages will offer the user an enhanced form of security; this security will protect both the company and the company’s clients. Possibilities include backing up files, anti-virus systems and spyware protection.

Prioritised technical support is a must, regardless of the size of your company. If something is to go wrong, you must be able to lean back on the fact that you can fix it immediately.  Many business broadband providers offer a priority service that will in turn; ensure that the benefactor will get the company back on track as soon as possible.

Consider the importance of the Internet to your company

Almost every aspect of the working company is completed online these days, could your business really cope if you were suddenly to appear offline for a few days or even hours?

Although business phone broadband packages and deals may be a little higher in price than that of your standard home Internet deal, due to an array of security measures, they are generally considered to be a worthwhile investment.

Exploring the benefits of 3G networks

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If you use any form of network, be it a home internet connection or an office of networked computers, it is always important to have reliable networking.

The standard option these days is still the traditional router, often with some basic wi-fi capabilities. Yet, in this modern world where communication and reliability is more important than ever, it may just be time to upgrade and switch over to 3g routers. These routers have many benefits and advantages of their own.

Going Wireless

One of the major benefits of 3G is that it is great for sending secure information through wireless means. It provides a much more reliable and strong signal than traditional Wi-Fi. This is one of the reasons that 3G has become popular in the mobile phone industry, being a staple part of many of today’s modern phones.

To this end, it only makes sense that something as successful and efficient as 3G technology should be used in other areas. There are certain areas, when using a typical router, which can often be lacking. At home, for instance, you might not be able to receive signals at the end of the garden. Likewise, office buildings may have similar problems with a wireless network trying to reach every corner of the building. A 3G signal will help improve this, giving you a stronger signal that your various devices can use.

Mobile Broadband Providers

Since the mobile phone industry has utilised 3G extensively, it’s no surprise that many of these network providers also offer 3G services. This allows you access to a mobile form of internet. Whilst you still need a 3G router, this can be moved to suit your needs. Unlike traditional broadband connections, you’re not relying solely on the telephone line for a connection.

Of course, the extent of this signal and connection will vary depending on where you live.


Since the 3G router is much more versatile, you should look at the practical benefits of using these devices. Due to its wireless nature, you have more choice in where you place it. You’re not dependant on putting it next to the phone line, for example.

As a result of this, in addition to its wireless nature, you’re all the more free to place your computer and other connected devices where you like. Unlike wired technology, you’re not making compromises, huddling computer systems around the router; something that is bound to be more of a benefit in office situations. A lessened focus on wires, in the very least, is welcome everywhere.

In short, 3G routers combine the benefits of wireless technology with the benefits of the modern innovation of 3G. If you’re looking for the next step in connectivity and networking, then 3G routers are the way to go.

IT Contractor Expenses Guide

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Working as an IT contractor has many advantages, not only have you got the increased freedom and flexibility with being your own boss, but you also have the financial benefits such as setting your own rates and being able to claim contractor expenses.

Claiming Expenses

Being able to claim back on expenses is extremely useful for those who are self-employed, especially for an IT contractor, as this profession requires a lot of potentially expensive equipment for the running of your business.

Also, by claiming for your expenses it can help to reduce your tax bill.This is because you will only get taxed for your profits, with the amount spent on your business remaining tax free. Basically, the higher your expenses, the lower your tax bill.

Types of expenses

The most common type of expensesis usually for travel reasons, particularly if you have a car and have had to meet clients etc. In order to calculate these costs you would need to add up the miles used for business, the cost of running the car, insurance and any payments made buying the car.

Examples of some of the other expenses you can claim as an IT contractor include:

• Computer software
• The cost of any work-related equipment
• Any business travel
• Advertising
• The rent, heating and lighting of your business premises
• Business telephone use
• Stationary
• Books and magazines that are relevant to your business
• Bank charges on business accounts.

In order to claim back on your contractor expenses, you must ensure that whatever you wish to claim for was a cost that was made for the running of your business.

If this is not the case you could see yourself being investigated and asked to provide evidence by HM Revenue and Customs.

This is why it is vital that you keep hold of any receipts for the expenses you wish to claim for. When you complete your tax return at the end of the year, you will need to declare all your income and expenses.

How can a contractor accountant help?

It can be extremely useful to have an accountant that specialises in your field so that they can fully explain the financial details involved with working as an IT contractor, such as with the issue of expenses and what you may or may not be allowed to claim for.

It’s always a good idea to look around for the best IT contractor accountants so that they will be able tooffer you the best possible advice that will suit you and your working practices.

Virtualization: Mobilise your employees and empower your business

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Organisations are always looking for ways to optimise the mobility of their employees and indeed, everyone connected with the company.

This ‘mobility’ is becoming increasingly important for companies wanting to thrive in today’s business environment. Being always on, always connected and always available is par for the course for most employees, at most companies.

E-mail isn’t enough anymore. Employees want real time access to applications and files, with the ability to collaborate and meet anywhere, any time. Unless they can operate like this, you’re not maximising their productivity.

The computing experience of the workforce is integral in this optimisation. So much work now depends on the effective use of information technology that it can be difficult to strike the right balance between:

  • User experience
  • Total value ownership


  • Governance for the protection of valuable information assets

If you want to empower your workforce’s mobility, then your information technology department will have to rethink their traditional methods of providing computer services. You want to empower employees as much as possible, without jeopardising the security of the business.

With the right virtualization solution, there is no reason why IT cannot meet both sets of requirements here. The question then, is why do you need to mobilise your workforce?

Every company wants to breed a culture where everyone cares about the business and is passionate about their work. Part of this means moving away from clocking in and clocking out. Issues need to be resolved 24/7/365.

If you encourage your employees to care about the business, you won’t have to force them to respond outside of the normal working day. The IT department has a large role to play here. A recent study found that the number one driver for the adoption of a work shifting strategy is by allowing workers to use the device of their choice for work.

Mobility can bring freedom to your organisation. However, it also brings new challenges, risks and problems that need to be solved. To find out more about optimising your workforce’s mobility with cloud software, contact Trustmarque Solutions.

How Blade Servers can Help Your IT Department Grow

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Blade servers are a great way to increase the efficiency of resource use in IT departments. Blade servers allow for greater flexibility in configuring servers to meet the needs of a company, and this flexibility allows IT departments respond to the changing needs of the company. In a Dell blade server system, a chassis provides all the necessary infrastructure for a server blade, and then blades can be added to the chassis as they are needed.

Many of the advantages of blade server usage deals with the simplicity of managing the physical components of a server configuration, such as the need to have all the right cables connected at the right places. The chassis design minimizes the confusion of having a jungle of cables connecting several stand-alone servers by centralizing all of the power output cables and other necessary connectivity cables in the chassis infrastructure. This allows for easier maintenance of the network and will help employees avoid having to swim through wires and cables to find out what’s wrong with the servers.

Blade servers also allow for growth in the IT department of a company because they are a more cost-effective way of meeting computing needs within the firm. Although the initial investment needed for purchasing a blade server chassis may be quite substantial, after making that initial investment it is relatively cheap to buy additional blades, which can then be easily incorporated into the server structure. This is much more efficient than having to buy an entire stand-alone server in order to increase the network capacity; if a company only needs to increase network capacity by a small amount then the company can purchase a smaller unit of storage by buying a single blade instead of having to purchase a large unit that will go mostly unused. The development of blade servers follows the concept of increased flexibility and efficient use of resources that has been the guiding principle behind many of the technological advancements in the computing world in the past few years.

Using Dell cloud storage is another great way to help your IT department. By using a virtual desktop along with cloud storage no longer will an employee need to bring a copy of their presentation or documents to another station. They can login using any computer and retrieve their important documents. Using cloud storage also provides a way to have a back up of important information for the company.

For those who are environmentally conscious, reducing costs by powering fewer servers is accompanied by the secondary benefit of using fewer resources to power blade servers which are more likely to be used to full capacity than several stand-alone servers which will be sucking up electricity and other resources in order to stay powered up despite the fact that each server probably has a significant portion of unused, wasted space.

All around, using a blade server system can allow a company’s IT department to grow because it will free up more resources and make more efficient use of the resources being consumed. Blade servers allow companies to purchase what they need instead of having to buy more server capacity than they will ever use, and the easier maintenance of the server chassis in comparison to a series of stand-alone servers will make it easier to prevent computing disasters and other hang-ups from crippling the company’s information chain and causing unnecessary problems. Firms interested in increasing effectiveness will be pleased with the advantages of blade server technology.

Maintaining security as well as privacy protection online is crucial for a host of people, regardless of whether they are individuals or business entities. The provision of security software is therefore important as part and parcel of people’s daily activities online. Modern software for the protection of people’s online privacy is secure, cost effective and in increasingly greater demand as people see the benefits of maintaining a rewarding level of security and protection of their privacy. Furthermore, modern protection software is highly efficient for the securing of companies’ digital assets for continuity in the event that disasters take place – such disasters can comprise infection from viruses or malware, damages to hardware, theft, or any natural disasters.

People who wish to achieve adequate security and privacy protection are increasingly aware of the benefits of security and privacy software which, when it is painstakingly and expertly developed, provides high level security, antivirus protection, privacy tools, as well as techniques for the safe use of computers and mobile devices. People who wish to choose appropriate security and privacy software should know that they can reach the most appropriate decisions in terms of best software when they choose the level of security, and they can also select the computer use easiness they deem appropriate. Thanks to well chosen solutions of security and privacy software, the backing up of data is easy, seamlessly achievable, to protect business data from threats.

Furthermore, the security of all people’s emails, forum posts, all their browsing can be achieved with high level security and privacy software. With all in one plugins everything done online is protected by security and from viruses. Software for privacy protection is effective even when people use open Wi-Fi points of access. Nowadays software takes care of online security for numerous individuals and business entities.

The above article is a guest post specially written by Secure Web Point to inform of the benefits of security and privacy software.

Sourcefire Introduce Next-Generation Firewall

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Sourcefire have announced its latest innovation, the Sourcefire Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW). Building on Sourcefire’s Next-Generation IPS (NGIPS) technology leadership and leveraging its high-performance FirePOWER™ platform, the Sourcefire Next-Generation Firewall combines the world’s most powerful IPS threat prevention, integrated application control and firewall capabilities in a high-performance security appliance. By combining NGIPS and NGFW, Sourcefire has created the first enterprise firewall solution with comprehensive enterprise visibility, adaptive security and advanced threat protection.

“Threats continue to advance, and network security defences must evolve to become effective against advanced targeted threats. Enterprises should require vendors to add next-generation intrusion prevention features to network security products,” said Greg Young, Research Vice President, Gartner1. “Mainstream enterprises over time will refresh existing next-generation firewall deployments with future versions with next-generation network IPS capabilities.”

Applying its Agile Security™ vision to the emerging NGFW market, Sourcefire is delivering a context-aware and adaptive NGFW solution to offer its customers superior network protection and control without compromise. The Sourcefire Next-Generation Firewall provides this increased protection by combining the ability to identify and provide granular control for more than 1,000 applications with unprecedented visibility, intelligent automation and industry-best threat prevention effectiveness. These capabilities are all backed by the elite Sourcefire Vulnerability Research Team (VRT™) and the company’s collective security intelligence.

Universal Network Security Platform

Sourcefire leverages a single-pass engine that delivers deep inspection while maintaining peak performance. The FirePOWER platform can be configured at the customer’s discretion as an NGIPS, an NGIPS with application control or an NGFW, providing the customer ultimate flexibility to deploy appliances to match their infrastructure needs and scale over time.

Total Visibility

Using its patented FireSIGHT™ technology, Sourcefire delivers increased visibility into applications, users, content, hosts, attacks, vulnerabilities, behaviour and changes in a user’s environment. It then correlates this information with user identity and reputation intelligence to assess risks and threat impact to make more precise enforcement decisions.

Intelligent Automation

Unlike existing solutions, the Sourcefire Next-Generation Firewall employs intelligent security automation to increase the agility of protection efforts that can keep pace with constantly changing environments. This is accomplished by the Sourcefire NGFW through comprehensive contextual awareness and collective threat intelligence that result in more meaningful policy recommendations and automated adjustments to a customer’s defence in real time. It also allows security teams to optimize remediation efforts by reducing actionable alerts and filtering out events that do not affect the particular user’s environment.

Control Without Compromise

Sourcefire NGFW provides control without compromising threat prevention. Based on independent testing, the solution delivers best-of-class throughput performance and advanced threat detection with unsurpassed blocking effectiveness. As with other Sourcefire solutions, the NGFW allows users to tailor and customize defences and policies to their specific environment.

“As enterprises seek to increase their protection efforts they are looking for solutions that offer the agility to be effective in the face of modern threats,” said Martin Roesch, Chief Technology Officer at Sourcefire. “Other NGFW solutions force customers to make tradeoffs between control, prevention, performance and manageability. The Sourcefire Next-Generation Firewall includes our industry-leading NGIPS and provides the user the power and confidence to prevent and respond to complex threats with the granular control required today.”

For more information on the Sourcefire Next-Generation Firewall, register for one of three webinars:

• Tuesday, December 13 at 9 a.m. EST / 2 p.m. GMT
• Tuesday, December 13 at 2 p.m. EST / 11a.m. PST
• Wednesday, December 14 at 10 a.m. Singapore / 11 a.m. Tokyo / 1 p.m. Sydney

Product information is also available at http://sourcefire.com/ngfw.